Writers in Residence

Writers in Residence


Throughout the year, I mentor undergraduate students in science writing projects. This typically involves one-on-one meetings with the student, discussing suitable topics to write about and proper writing techniques. The student then completes a writing assignment and works with me on editing and publishing the piece in a print or online magazine.

Over the past three years, Smith Lab Writers in Residence have published over 20 articles, including pieces for Above & Beyond Canada’s Arctic Journal, Guru Magazine, Western News, and Western’s Faculty of Science Homepage (see below for a complete list).

Want to join?

If you are interested in becoming a Writer in Residence please email me with an outline of previous writing and/or communication experience and your reasons for wanting to join. If possible, please include a sample writing piece.

Introducing Hipademic


Starting September 2016, Smith Lab Writers in Residence will be posting essays to Hipademic – a new publication on the blogging platform Medium. An essay will be published every Monday throughout the academic school year (Sep–April). Some of the essays will be new articles, others will be previously published pieces, but all of them will be intriguing, engaging, and totally ‘hipademic’.

 Published Articles by Writers in Residence

Current and Previous Writers in Residence (in alphabetical order)

  • Charis Huddle
  • Dennis He
  • George Yuan
  • Gladys Ng
  • Grace Jin
  • Karan Kumar
  • Jenny Ge
  • Jeremy Lant
  • Jessica Bertschmann
  • Marcus Lo
  • Max Stone
  • Neeraja Murali Dharan
  • Nicholas Choi
  • Nour Saleh
  • Purva Mehta
  • Sara-Elizabeth Tsimerman
  • Tirthankar Ray
  • Udara Jay
  • Yeah Rai
  • Zeid Hamadeh